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Fighting Fraud

Piecing it together


We use information technology and financial intelligence to dramatically reduce the risk of fraud in your company. Don’t let this intimidate you. If you are not tech-savvy (and even if you are), we will get your financial system automated for you. An automatic data transfer, instead of manually entering data, is critical for preventing fraud. It prevents anyone involved in the accounting process from manipulating the raw data. One example: the payee that shows in Quickbooks from the automated data transfer must match the payee written on the check. Automation also enables us to keep your costs low and it accelerates the month end closing process.

We use teams to dramatically reduce the risk of fraud. The person writing the checks absolutely should not be the person reconciling the account. Period. At the end of the month we reveal any discrepancies or suspicious activity to the CEO or owner of the company.

Even within our own firm, at blueprint, two or more accountants are assigned to your account to protect against human error or fraudulent activities. In many companies, the in house bookkeeper/accountant writes the checks and reconciles the bank account, which is fraudulent activity waiting to happen.