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Small Business Accounting

Expert Accounting Services from Blueprint

Running an efficient and profitable enterprise is challenging. Part of the difficulty lies in sustaining accounting processes, which are essential in tracking daily operations and achieving financial objectives. Our independent accounting firm can mediate many bookkeeping roadblocks and protect your company’s profitable status. 

Blueprint offers our team’s expertise to privately-owned enterprises. With a staff that is skilled in every aspect of finances, we provide bookkeeping systems according to your needs, whether you need a comprehensive overhaul or minimal assistance. As long-term residents of NM, we understand the unique needs of nearby businesses. 

A Full Accounting Suite for Your Business

Before providing services, we take the time to comprehend the ins and outs of a business’s accounts. During consultations, we measure the amount of attention necessary to organize bookkeeping methods. After our evaluation, we will determine whether processes need to be tweaked or significantly reconstructed. Depending on our recommendations, Blueprint will provide one or more of the following: 

Payroll Services
Tax Preparation and Planning
Bank Liaisons
Financial Planning for Purchases and Loans
QuickBooks Accounting

One of our accountants will work directly in the business’s offices if necessary. This provides a high level of attention and is the most effective way to address significant bookkeeping issues. Clients may also choose to outsource their accounting processes to Blueprint which ensures they receive the full attention they are due. 

Organizing Accounts to Achieve Peak Efficiency

We have an in-depth understanding of how a streamlined accounting system is the lifeblood of a business. Our team is a close ally in supporting our clients’ success. We are committed to going above and beyond to enhance profitability, properly manage cash flow, and determine past key performance indicators (KPIs). As we enhance the company’s fiscal standing, we use the KPI’s to measure both short and long-term improvement.

Our firm prepares detailed reports and reviews them with executive staff, supplying useful analysis of all transactions and revealing opportunities for growth. Through regular reports and continued accounting maintenance, we deliver continued client support. We are available whenever difficulties arise, offering professional advice for important financial decisions such as moving into a new market, purchasing another business, or building a succession strategy. 

Unlimited Consultations

We are always available to spend time with you so you fully understand how to interpret and utilize the financial information we provide. Our consultations are already included in our price, so please feel free to call us whenever you have a question or concern.

If you'd like to receive a free consultation on our Small Business Accounting Service, please complete this form.

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