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Tax Planning and Coordinated Preparation

Proactive, Year-Round Tax Services

Complex reporting issues along with other essential tasks competing for attention often cause business owners and high-net-worth individuals to wait until tax season before taking action. At Blueprint, we work with our clients well before deadlines, not only reducing stress when returns are due but revealing opportunities throughout the fiscal year.

Tax Planning with Blueprint

The clients we serve don’t take a cookie-cutter approach when establishing their company or building their personal and professional wealth. For this reason, our tax professionals customize services to each person we assist. The projections we prepare include alternatives that allow each client to decide on the course of action that suits them best.

During the initial consultation, our goal is to gain a greater understanding of where you see yourself or your business going forward. We want to know what’s working and what could be improved so that we are not just replacing existing processes, but elevating your situation overall. From here, we gather year-to-date information and review historical tax returns, ensuring that each recommendation is consistent with your actual finances. If you need advice on purchasing assets or meeting with an attorney, we can facilitate these services either with a member of our firm or a colleague from our professional network.

At Blueprint, we believe in the importance of maintaining tax compliance. Our firm has a long history advising members of our local community on how to improve their tax standing and achieve their objectives. Along with our practical experience with NM and Albuquerque taxes, we stay on top of current regulations about income tax reporting, payroll, and business structuring. This knowledge also allows us to identify opportunities for credits or deductions that may have been missed otherwise.

Stress-Free Return Preparation and Ongoing Support

There are no surprises when you engage with Blueprint for preparation. Our use of the latest technical tools and resources allow us to simplify the process. The relationships we build with clients form the foundation of our preparation services. We are available year-round and meet as often as they need, whether this is on a yearly, quarterly, or even more frequent basis. All members of our firm are committed to explaining each tax situation as thoroughly as possible without resorting to inaccessible industry lingo.

Responsive Tax Consultants

Meeting ever-changing regulatory requirements and the tax implications associated with financial decisions can feel like an unending task. With the guidance provided by Blueprint, our clients can ethically minimize their tax liability without spending as much time away from other pressing responsibilities. Whether preparing current returns or developing long-term strategies, we offer business owners and high-net-worth individuals the personalized attention and year-round availability they deserve.